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From Lehigh Valley Stage - "Rabbit Hole" review:


Kathy Patterson, as "Nat", delivers some perfectly timed one-liners, keeping the mood from getting too solemn. Her comedic timing was unrivalled in the show, and she really had the audience looking forward to what she was going to say next.


~Sarah Thomas


From Lehigh Valley Stage - "True West" review:


Kathy Patterson as “Mom” walks a tightrope of being cold without being callous and playing indifference with a subtle heartache buried deep but still ever present. It is pure genius from the moment she appears on stage. She could easily fade into the scenes behind her two boys but she never does – there is depth to everything she does and you can always feel the emotion behind her sometimes mundane lines.


~Brian McDermott

From The Morning Call - "A Christmas Carol" review:

As the Ghost of Christmas Past in a white wig and full white tulle skirt, Kathy Patterson is a straight-forward and no nonsense presence as she forces Scrooge to face his miserable past. 

~Kathy Lauer-Williams




From Lehigh Valley Stage - "The Royal Family" review:


Patterson does an excellent job of owning such a demanding character, commanding the stage with every entrance. It is easy to empathize with her as she laments never marrying her ex-suitor, now millionaire industrialist, Gil Marshall (Bob Bennicoff.)

Patterson’s witty delivery of her lines and complete confidence in the character is captivating, and it’s easy to believe her to be the star she portrays. Contrasted by Bennicoff’s gentle and kind delivery, it was quite nice to watch these two together.


~Sarah Thomas


Bill Hopkins, Instructor, Acting for Film and Television, Stella Adler Studio (NYC):


You speak with a southern accent that doesn't revert to making the character sound like a hick.  You give the southern person dignity; very much like Billy Bob Thornton.


2012 ABE Best Actress Award:


Actress. Play: Kathy Patterson (Sister Aloysius), "Doubt: A Parable," Pennsylvania Playhouse. She was a force to be reckoned with as an uncompromising, hard-nosed believer with nary a doubt.


~Paul Willistein, East Penn Press


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